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The mission of the National United States Armed Forces Museum is to expand the knowledge, deepen the awareness, and provide a greater appreciation, to both visitors and local residents, of the dedication and sacrifice of those citizens in the defense of liberty. This commemoration may be by service in any branch of the armed forces of the United States of America being the service active, reserve or National Guard. Our goals are to commemorate those who have served in any branch of the United States military.

The National United States Armed Forces Museum is a non-profit 501( c )(3) Educational organization operating a museum in Harris County, Texas with principle interest focused on educational historical exhibits dedicated to the memory of those citizens who have served in our nations armed forces.



The goal of the Museum is to keep alive the memory of the sacrifices and the heroic and valiant efforts of the soldiers in keeping our nation free. The National United States Armed Forces Museum will perpetrate the memory of the lives sacrificed in defense of freedom and liberty and stand as a tribute to those who fought. The Museums themes are the collection and preservation of historical military artifacts, historical research, education, and the presentation to the public of the museums collection.


The Military Museum will provide a large area for static and diorama displays, act as a research facility with an online computer data base, and serve as a meeting and convention center for military organization from around the state.

It is also the purpose of the Museum to collect, restore and preserve military memorabilia. In particular, vehicles, artillery field pieces, field equipment and other military support equipment for display in a manner commemorating all the wars and military engagements from forward in which soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen of the United States fought.

In cooperation with the Texas Historical Society, the Center for Military History, along with other armed forces resources points, the Museum has secured a number of military vehicles and aircraft for use in diorama and display construction.

The Museum has worked with architects who understand the special requirements necessary in this particular building application. Particular concerns are the conversion of an existing facility and establishing outdoor displays and related features.

Key Components essential to successful design center to the very core of a founding principle of the Museum. It is absolutely fundamental that the Museum facility for the disabled and to provide education experiences for students from a seven county area.

The Need While there are many fine military museums located in the state, most are concerned with only one service, often with only a single unit. In our belief to provide the service level essential to complement the cosmopolitan population of our community, the Museum must provide an experience for all citizens regardless of race, creed or national origin.

Beyond that, the National United States Armed Forces Museum provides comprehensive educational program to teach young people about the service and sacrifice of the citizens of Texas who fought in the cause of liberty. Since the creation of the All Volunteer Army, the gap between our nations soldiers and the general population has widened, as military service is no longer the universal experience it once was. The Persian Gulf conflict has awakened renewed interest in the military and there is now more than ever, a need to provide accurate, comprehensive educational programs to preserve the memory of those who served before in our nations armed forces. Many history books currently in use devote only small chapters to the global conflicts that shaped our world. There is even less emphasis on the personal dedication, pride and sacrifice of those who fought in those conflicts.


The National United States Armed Forces Museum will provide a comprehensive educational program by providing an exciting collection of Texas military history with dynamic full size, walk-through environmental exhibits as well as static displays. Wherever possible, first-hand accounts from the people who were there will be provided to explain the items on exhibit and to describe the action depicted. Recorded accounts will be used extensively to provide immediacy and personalized perspectives.

The Museum provides guided tours for school groups and visitors. As the Museums primary focus is on education, every effort will be made to attract and assist in hosting school groups. Bus parking will be provided and learning opportunities established for the various age groups who visit the Museum. As the Museum seeks to bring alive the colorful and dramatic history of the citizens who have served, every effort will be made to make these experiences interesting and exciting for the school groups.

Special emphasis will be given to the important role that minorities have played in American history and the active role that the armed forces have played in integrating American society.

The Museum will provide an online database utilizing Internet technology that will be available to educational and historical institutions, as well as the public. This technology will allow those interested in military history to access the Museums records for research and development of educational programs. Persons accessing the Museum database will be prompted to complete a questionnaire prior to admittance into the Museum Internet site. This action will allow a cataloging of users to assist in program development in future growth.

The Museum will provide research facilities for re-enactment groups and sponsor re-enactment of various engagements. Re-enactment groups are a major source of research material on military history and their re-enactments make dry historical accounts come alive. Other opportunities exist for use of the Museum facilities for development of historical based plays and similar productions. Amateur theatrical groups from area schools, university and adult groups will be encouraged by such a facility existing for use.

The Museum will provide a library of printed, film and video records. Whenever possible these will be made available to schools, civic and veteran groups to check out. A goal of the Museum is to provide a learning center to include computer workstations having access into the Museum database.

The Museum will be happy to provide a meeting place for veterans groups, seminars and conferences. Aside from the comradeship and the memories of shared experiences these meetings provide to the veterans themselves, they will expose the Museum to a large source of memories, experiences and data that would otherwise might not be available or simply lost with time.

For many years, the Museums founders have participated in military celebration around the state and the region. They have found the demand for military exhibits has consistently exceeded the supply. To meet this demand, the Museum will provide exhibits and other off-site exhibitions. These displays and exhibitions will primarily consist of vehicles and equipment, with properly attired guides to explain the items displayed.

A goal of the Museum is to provide student internships in military history and preservation to foster interest and scholarship in the field of military history. Wherever possible, these student interns will work on actual research and participate in the Museums outside activities. These educational programs will also stress the values of military service. We will stress the role these conflicts played in the social history of this country and the context in which they we fought.


The Museum will price a wide range of social programs, interface with Military Science Departments of area High Schools, Colleges and Universities, provide summer internships for Military Science students, and conduct an aggressive outreach program to the area Schools and other educational entities.

The Museum will also provide veterans of all conflicts with a place where their experiences are honored and their problems acknowledged; a place where comradeship and service are respected.


The Museum will aggressively promote, facilitate and conduct tours of the Museum by public school groups. Whenever possible the tour will have a theme, so that the experience can be more focused. In addition to tours, the Museum will conduct demonstrations and exhibitions at selected schools in concert with the school district history programs. Our intent is to provide an offsite program of learning where tours are impractical or where the demonstration will be a part of a larger program.


The Museum has already acquired a group of military vehicles and other equipment for display. Each of these items represents the highest of standards and is complete restorations from the ground up. The Museum will constantly seek to acquire equipment and vehicles from collectors, governmental agencies and retail outlets.

Fortunately, many types of equipment are available as military surplus and accessible through the Center for Military History. Essential elements, of which our organization has fully qualified, mandate the receiving organization meet all of the Federal and Host State requirements as a fully functional organization.

The Museum is unique that it is also eligible to receive surplus equipment from the State of Texas and the Federal government. The Museum will make every effort to make full use of this tremendous asset in obtainment of the Museums goals.


The National United States Armed Forces Museum will actively seek and support participation from veterans groups and military-related organizations (e.g. Re-enactor groups, historical societies) and will encourage the use of the Museum facilities to host state and regional conventions. The large number of hotels and restaurants within the immediate area of our purposed site is well suited for such events.


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